Lothar Schacke, KünstlerSekretariat am Gasteig, © Florian Schröter, 2016

Director, General Management


+49 89 44488790

Lothar Schacke wanted above all to study sacred music, but his father was not so keen and wanted him to do something more down to earth. After training as a furniture maker Lothar Schacke studied architecture and graduated from university with a degree in urban planning. However, during his studies he never abandoned music: he was an enthusiastic choral singer in several semi-professional choirs, and also as a church musician he even organized small-scale concerts in the church near where he lived. His encounter with his present-day business partner Elisabeth Ehlers was providential. She made it possible for him to take up a post in the renowned concert agency Wylach, where they worked together for three years and gained the necessary experience for later setting up their own business.

It was the great conductor Eugen Jochum who encouraged Lothar Schacke to work for him, and in 1984, together with Elisabeth Ehlers, to set up their own business. Working with this important artist also made it possible for Lothar Schacke within a short space of time to build up contacts with the most important music ensembles which were a valuable prerequisite for establishing the agency in its early days.

During the first years as an independent agent Lothar Schacke paved the way for some singers to great careers; in the meantime he concentrates on general management for conductors, violinists, viola players, and for the pianist Lang Lang, whose management he has been in charge of in Germany since 2002. The continuous personal contact with his artists, whom Lothar Schacke likes to describe as his second family, keeps him young and is a daily motivation.

Architecture continues to be one of his enthusiasms, as well as journeys to the north; art in general and in particular 19th-century works inspire him and his passion for collecting.